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Contact Screen, Medium Fidelity

New City Event Finder

New City Event Finder is software for smartphones that helps to bring relevant events to the forefront, as well as make connections amongst friends and their activities. I was the main member in charge of creating sketches and mockups, as well as the general user experience. We performed user testing and iterated using our findings. Lastly, we created a working prototype of the software.

This project was designed pre-App Store

Meaning we did not have access to the iPhone Interface Builder ... which is the reason that it looks the way it does.

Whiteboard Mockups

Main Menu, Final Version

Final Presentation

Objective of the course

In this class, my group of four was tasked with creating a cellphone application that is particularly advantageous when mobile. Since two people in the group were exchange students, my group decided to create an application that aided newcomers in acquainting themselves with a city. We were required to perform user testing on a paper prototype version of our application, and then improve upon those results. Lastly, we needed to present an interactive prototype.
How it was executed

We began our design of the software by interviewing both locals and travelers about how they discover new events in the city and plan events with their friends. Through this method we discovered the conduits by which they interact with the city as well as their friends. From here we designed the initial mockups and demonstrated how they would work by producing storyboards and video prototypes. After performing a basic usability test, we revised the interface and produced the working prototype for the deliverable.

Professors and Colleagues

James Landay — Professor,
Human Computer Interaction
Patrick Baudisch — Mentor,
Research Scientist at Microsoft Research
Fatma Basak Aydemir Marianne Goldin Philipp Krähenbühl